Our Story

Practical Training Professionals (PTPGun.com) is a veteran owned and operated firearms training company that travels all over teaching gun owners to be safer and more effective. 

Known for our work with survivors of domestic violence, school faculty, and our select classes that are Women Only- PTPGun has quickly become recognized as a leader in the community.

Unlike many training companies, PTPGun offers structured concepts from the beginning and building a community of like-minded law-abiding citizens. PTPGun trains with the goal of preparing our clients to better defend themselves and families. Our students come from all backgrounds to help create our diverse community. 

Safety is paramount at all of our training courses and is stressed to all of our students in a way that is easily understood. 


in the Community


Our Philosophy

Some classes don’t take firearms seriously while others are so serious that they put you to sleep. At PTPGun, we have revolutionized the way students experience firearms and firearms safety.  Our classes have a good balance of seriousness and fun from beginning to end. 

Too Serious & Not Fun

Not Serious Enough

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Our Promise

PTP hires experienced instructors that have a wide range of knowledge about firearms and firearms safety. We do this because our students safety and education is our most important goal. We promise to create a safe and fun classroom environment for all people to learn about guns.