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$50 dollars to the kid the cracks the StopBox®!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In this video we see how long it takes Big Nate (Mike's kid) to crack the StopBox®!

We also run it over with the new F-150 and see just how much this little box can take.

Remember: The StopBox® is a portable instant-access handgun retention device that does not use batteries, electronics or external keys. Secure your firearm without sacrificing accessibility when you need it the most.

Proudly Made in America! StopBox® USA is an American tried-and-true company creating products for firearms enthusiasts, owners, instructors, and everyone in between from right here in the United States of America!

Is it just another holster? We see this as a disconnected carry holster. Ask yourself this, do you carry your EDC to bed with you at night? That is one place where the StopBox® is a good fit. It adds one extra layer for securing your firearm. But, it is easily drawable within less than seconds, and as with most things, performance improves with practice.

How about carrying on travel? The StopBox® provides off the waistband retention to conceal and retain your EDC while home or on the go. Travel through TSA and keep your checked baggage under the weight limit with only an extra 28oz to consider.

This thing is going to be a big help when we travel out to Front Sight and Shot Show in the New Year. Get yours here:

As always,

Learn. Defend. Prevail.

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