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A few words on Home Defense

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A few words on Home Defense

While many of us are sitting at home on quarantine this is a good time to review (or make) your home defense plan. As quarantines extend and enforcement becomes more strict people may get desperate and decide your house is a good place to go shopping. In the same vein heroine precursors and fentanyl that usually come from China are getting harder to come by for illegal drug manufacturers, as a result street prices will rise as will addiction fueled crimes like burglary and home invasion. Here a are a few suggestions for home defense;

1) Have a layered defense. This might include environmental design elements like lighting and thorny shrubbery to deny people assess to areas you don't want them in and channel them into areas that are advantageous to you. Cameras, alarms, dogs, and firearms are all part of the plan.

2) Have a white light available and co-located with your firearms whether it is weapon mounted or hand-held. Being able to clearly identify your target is absolutely necessary.

3) Designate strong points within your home that you can go to and hold. Don't go searching for bad guys if it can be avoided.

4) Know your back-stop. Bullets can and do travel though walls. Make sure your plan accounts for the position of your loved ones

5) Have a communication plan to call for assistance. This might be as simple as making sure your cell phone is charged and available. You can dial 911, put it on speaker phone and leave the line open so you have your hands free.

Home defense plans don't have to be complex, as a matter of fact it's better if they aren't. Make things simple, use plain language, and make sure everyone knows their part.

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