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Are you a Hard Target?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

My previous posts shared some home and auto hard target practices. Why? Because asocial violence criminals hunt for easy targets. They look for what appears weak, unaware, and non-threatening for a successful hunt! The first step in self-defense/self-survival is to make yourself a hard target! For some reason, this is a concept that is difficult for many to understand. It is my experience that people attend self-defense seminars/classes to learn how to defend themselves in a hand to hand combat mindset. I believe this to be the wrong approach! Rather than what to do after attacked, a pre-attack awareness and avoidance mindset is a far superior approach to the problem! If you find yourself in an asocial violence criminal encounter, your awareness and avoidance options were unsuccessful. will need the self-survival physical option to stop the life or death threat! This is the last and final option in survival. You NEVER want to need this option! The object is how to NOT be in this being a HARD TARGET!

Are you a Hard Target?

I begin my seminars by explaining the mindset, concept, and practice of being a hard target. be successful, you must understand the asocial criminal mindset and ways of hunting social law abiding citizens. The more difficult you are to hunt (hard target), the less likely you are to be a victim of violence! You DO NOT want to be involved in an asocial violence encounter!

After I explain how to be a hard target, I share how to stop a life or death threat using martial art principles rather than techniques. This is a foreign concept to most people. They are used to the technique approach - if they grab you like this.....then do this. Those techniques are fun to learn and practice but are NOT applicable to an asocial criminal life or death violence encounter. It just doesn't happen that way! I have never heard a survivor say "it happened just like I thought it would." Have you?

Criminals do not study and practice techniques. They simply use violence for a successful hunt.

Self-defense/self-survival begins by being a HARD TARGET!

- Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Martial art, Self-defense, Self-survival instructor.

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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