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Beretta Neos, Field Strip Friday

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Ryan Gass here,, and today, I’m going to show you the field stripping of this Beretta Neos. The first thing to do before we field strip any firearm is double-check to make sure the firearm is unloaded. So, we’re going to hit the magazine release, which is here on the right side, drop the magazine out, set it to the side, and we’re going to check the chamber. Chamber’s clear, magazine is clear, and we’re good to proceed. So, from here, we’re going to slide forward, and I’m going to depress this button here, and we’re going to rotate this dial, which will separate the upper portion of the frame from the frame’s bottom portion. We’ll now go ahead and lift this slide back, and the upper portion of the frame will come off, which we’ll set to the side. We’re going to take this slide right here, bring it forward, set that down. Now, we have the spring right there as well as the firing pin. Here, you can see that’s kind of fixed onto the rear. So, now we have our bottom portion of the frame, the slide, the spring, and we have, kind of, what’s also the barrel but also kind of the upper portion of the frame too. The way this is built is different from most other semi-automatic handguns. Now, we have the firearm field stripped, and from here, you can do any sort of cleaning or maintenance you need to do to the firearm.

For the reassembly, it’s going to be very similar in reverse. We’re going to insert the spring over the firing pin, and we’re going to insert that into the upper portion of this slide, which is circular, and you’ll see that the firing pin is going to come through that part as well. We’re going to hold that down and reintroduce the barrel portion of the frame to the lower portion of the frame, which will be tricky because what you got to do is you screw the threads right here, reintroduce them into this dial here, and once they get there in place, you’re gonna tighten it back up. You’ll need to get it nice and firm, but don’t overtighten it.

Now, we get into the actual function check to ensure we put it back together properly. We’ll pull the slide back and let go. We’ll point it in this direction and pull that trigger. You’ll notice that the safety is actually on. Safety off. Safety on. This firearm’s safety doesn’t work as it’s broken. So, it’s definitely something you’re going to want to know and act accordingly. Though it’s been broken like that for probably four years now, that’s not really a knock on Beretta per se, as firearms can break at times, and that’s why you need to maintain them. I’ve allowed it to stay broken in that manner because I use it as a learning tool in my classes to be able to show people that even though your firearm has a safety, it doesn’t matter. You still treat it as if it’s loaded at all times because sometimes, the safety doesn’t work.

Getting back into the functions check, we’ll pull that slide back, let go, pull the trigger. Pull the slide back, let go, pull the trigger. Now, we’re going to pull the slide back, we’re going to pull that trigger to the rear, hold it to the rear, and while holding it to the rear, we’re going to pull the slide back, let go, and release that trigger until you hear and feel that click, which is very very subtle on this firearm. Now, we’ll repeat the steps until that very subtle click is heard. Since the safety is broken, I won’t do a function check for the safety. Though I can get it fixed by sending it back to Beretta, I’ve already explained why I keep it in a state that it’s currently in. And with that, we have field stripped, reassembled, and function checked our Beretta Neos.

To see more of our videos on field stripping firearms, subscribe to our channel and hit that notifications bell because we’ll be posting field strip Friday videos each and every Friday. If you have a particular firearm that you would like to see us field strip, be sure to hit in the comments below, and we’ll be able to take care of that for you. Thank you all again.

Stay safe, and as always - Train, Defend, Prevail.

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