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Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Handgun

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Though it looks like a shotgun and operates like one, it's not a shotgun. It's a pistol, and what makes it that way is its barrel is less than 18 inches and it has a pistol stabilizing brace. Basically, it's a large handgun, thank you ATF….!

How I came to own this firearm is an interesting story. I came across a Remington, which I think was a VTac or VTac 13, when I was surfing the internet. Later, I went to Hanover Armory, a local gun shop in Hanover, Maryland, and asked about it but what I was given was something very similar, yet different. It was made by Black Aces Tactical, had a price of around 450 to 500 bucks, which was half of the cost of the gun that I was looking for. After I enquired about the Remington and asked if it was worth spending double on the Remington, I was told that though Remington is great, I should try this one, which would probably be just as good, and even cost half the amount. And then I got it sent to my Virginia FFL as I’m a resident in Virginia.

I have mounted a red dot to it - a little cheap Sig Romeo 5. Though it’s not the best sight in the world, it’s not bad, especially for what I’m using it for. It has worked fine with this platform. I also put a Magpul quick disconnect mount on here. So, if I need to, I can run a sling. It has a mount for the quickest net right there as well as in the pistol stabilizing brace. Thus, I can use it as a two-point mount or one at either one, which is nice and cool. It can serve as a decent home defense weapon. Although I wouldn't say it's my go-to, it's definitely fun to shoot on the range when it's not jamming…

One thing about this gun is that it’s definitely very picky on ammo. You can't use some cheap bird shot low brass. But I found that most of the different buckshots that I’ve ran through it works very well. The most you're going to be able to get fit into this shotgun is 2 ¾ inch shell. So, no 3 inch or 3.5 inch shells. I hope to see them bring that in the future models perhaps. As I mentioned earlier, it's very picky on ammo.

Now, I'll show you off of their website what they're saying. A couple of things to remember - this is a handgun. It’s not a short-barrel shotgun, not an NFA item, not AOW at all, about which we will have blog articles on our website. You can find the links in the description below and more about that later. But since this is not an NFA item and not AOW, there's no going through the ATF for approval, and none of the tax stamps, wait times and overpriced fees, which make it a nice buy. And I was able to buy and had it shipped to my Virginia FFL. After getting to the FFL, doing the paperwork, and passing my background check, I was able to have it that day.

Now, a few things they bring up:

It has an overall length of 26.5 inches, which is actually the version that doesn't have the pistol stabilizing brace. It’s 12 gauge. Right now, I don't know if they do 20 gauge but this one, for sure, is 12 gauge. It can hold 4+1 - four shells plus one. They say it likes the cycle light and heavy loads.

They said in a note that the test ammunition used with this was Remington GL 127 low brass and Remington Express Buckshot. They do not know if any other brand of ammunition will function as well and they do not recommend federal low brass with the mid brass height or the O ROI white buckshot.

To be honest – it’s a fun gun to shoot. It can be practical. But I will say, from my experience and with the firearms that I own, this has not going to become one of my home defense guns as I have better options that I prefer for myself. But I would say you can at least try it out.

If you're thinking about going shotgun but you want something a little bit shorter for going through those close, enclosed spaces and short hallways and doorways, this could work for that. If you're searching for something that’s fun to shoot on the range and show your buddies, this could definitely work for that. If you're just seeking something different to add to the collection, this can work for that too.

Now, a couple of things that they say on their website:

The weight of this firearm is about five pounds. They again stress that it has a barrel length of 14 inches and overall length of 26 and a half, but that's not accounting for the stabilizing brace.

Though different gun shops price things differently, if you spend anywhere from 450 to 550 on this, I don't think it's a bad day. But you need to decide whether that works for you and your needs, and if you've got the extra spending money to blow on a gun that you may not use all the time.

This is a pistol with a stabilizing brace. For those not familiar, we’ve got a video that goes into these more in-depth and shows this as well as the other ones. This is not a stock. This is not made to go in your shoulder. This is made to go around your arm. It encompasses your arm and your forearm area so that you can stabilize your shots if you're shooting one-handed. Again, I'm not a specialist on this but I want to say about three or four years ago, the ATF actually published a white letter that more or less said: This is a pistol. You buy it as a pistol and own as a pistol and you use it as a pistol, but if occasionally, you do shoulder it, it it's not the end of the world. It's still a pistol. You're not breaking any laws.

So, if you wanted to, you can shoulder but it's not made to do that. That is a pistol stabilizing brace, and for more on that, you can click the link in the description below.

Again, it serves as a pistol stabilizing brace, and it can, kind of, serve the role as a stock. It also has a quick disconnect. I use my Magpul three-point sling, which can be going from 1- to 2- to 3-point sling. So, if you have experience with this firearm and own this firearm and have found the secret sauce to its ammunition and what it really likes/doesn't like, put that in the comments below.

Let us know and I might even try some of those on the range try to see if that works well with mine or doesn't work well. I appreciate you all tuning in. I appreciate you all subscribing. If you haven't yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button on our YouTube Channel here. Also, hit the notifications bell. We're putting out several videos every week for your consumption and we also want to hear your feedback on those videos as well as future videos so we can provide the content that you desire. Appreciate you all!

Remember to: Learn. Defend. Prevail.

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