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Buying a Handgun in Maryland 

Updated: Jun 22

To start off, per federal law you can only purchase a handgun in a state which you are a resident, just in case you start to think "well I'll just buy one outside of Maryland"

Maryland law requires that a resident possess an Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in order to purchase a handgun.

In order to obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) you must meet the training requirements, obtain live-scan fingerprints completed solely for this license (can't use ones you may have done for a employment background check or other background checks), and apply online with the Maryland State Police Licensing Division.

The HQL specific training (see link below) is only valid for three years per the Maryland State Police policy. The fingerprints obtained for the HQL application are available onsite at many of the classes and are only valid for 30 days per Maryland State Police policy. You can register for the required training here.

When you obtain your HQL training with, you can expect to learn

-firearm safety rules

-different types of handguns

-parts/nomenclature of various handguns

-how to take them apart and clean them

-fundamentals of

-Maryland law pertaining to their 2A infringements

-the application process

-home safety

-firearms handling/live-fire demonstration

Also, unique to PTP courses, we have the required Maryland live-scans available onsite at all of our classes and they are 40% off to our Club Members. We make it a one stop shop so you don't have to run around after class just to apply for your HQL. Many of our students have their application submitted by the end of class and their training verified by PTP instructors with the Maryland State Police moments after.

Buying a Handgun in Maryland

Currently, based on student feed-back, PTP clients are receiving their HQL cards in hand within 3-4 weeks of applying.

Once you have your HQL in hand, you can go to any Maryland dealer to purchase your next handgun. You can expect to pay for the entire firearm, fill out all the required forms for your state & federal background checks, and wait a 7 day period before you can pickup you handgun (regardless if you already own handguns or passed your background checks already). You may get strong armed into buying a lock, even if you don't need to- here's the scoop on that.

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