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Calvert County, Hutchins doubles down on gun control

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

On the morning of Tuesday July 14th at 10am, the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners met to discuss, among other things, gun control.

Calvert County, Hutchins doubles down on gun control

Thomas Hutchins explained he would like to explore further various gun control options. He brought up that 11 people from various agencies that worked on this and he tried to say (initially) that he didn't want that effort wasted in the goal of obtaining even more firearms restrictions placed on citizens in Calvert County. He suggested this work continue.

Kelley Mcconkey again reiterated that he was under the impression that they were only banning firearms possession by County employees but didnt go as far as to explain why he thought that was neccessary.

Earl Hance made a motion to not adopt any of the gun control passed by the board at the last meeting and included in his motion to not expend any further county resources on the topic of gun control- which was met by an immediate rebuttal from Hutchins who said he wants to see more talks on gun control and find any locations in which it could be imposed. Hutchins amendment to the motion was not seconded, only an awkward silence followed when asked if anyone wanted to second the amendment. mike hart made remarks on how hard the state makes it on citizens to own and carry firearms, stating he didnt want any further restrictions on top of the struggles citizens deal with.

Hance made it known he hopes an armed citizen is around if a dangerous situation would arise as law enforcement aren't always available or present. he went on to point out where active shooters were able to obtain large success in gun free zones.

Hutchins, not one for taking no gun control as an answer, again decided it was necessary to state he thought more could be done and went on to be the only commissioner to oppose the repeal of gun free zones in Calvert County. The motion to repeal the June 2020 Calvert County Gun Free Zone passed, 4:1

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