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Coming to Rumble

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

It is no secret that social media has shadow banned us and many others that don't follow their agenda- YouTube is no different. We have invested heavily into developing our video content with no return directly related to Facebook and YouTube. Its constantly an uphill battle. Its like trying to drive a built muscle car in an ice storm, you get no where.

Coming to Rumble

That's why we have decided to join the Florida of platforms- Rumble. We have all the great content that you all have grown to love, with more coming weekly as always.

Rumble respects what we are doing and isn't in the business of censorship- thats what makes it so great. You will be seeing a lot of the video content of ours that YouTube deleted and jails our account for.

And as our way of saying thank you, we will cease our giveaways we were doing on YouTube and we will be not only continuing them on Rumble but expanding them and making them better.

So be sure to Subscribe to our new platform of Freedom and Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

Coming to Rumble

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