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Concealed Carry Clothing: Options for Women

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Concealed Carry Clothing

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you’ll conceal carry your firearm when wearing a dress? How about when you go out to exercise or run errands in leggings or jeans?

With this guide, we’ll help you learn all about the different types of concealed carry clothing and gear out there and how you can conceal carry without sacrificing your personal style. The most popular items include:

  1. Leggings

  2. Belts

  3. Purses/Bags

  4. Shirts/Tops

  5. Holsters

Some types of gear will better fit your lifestyle than others, and that’s okay. You can play around with different outfits and holsters to see what works best for you and keeps you comfortable.


Concealed Carry Clothing

A good pair of concealed carry leggings should protect the trigger, support you without falling down or making your firearm fall out, allow for an easy draw and re-holster, and be comfortable. Having a quality pair of concealed carry leggings is especially helpful if you often go out in leggings or exercise outside or in a gym. While some leggings come with loops to attach holsters and magazine carriers to, others require attaching your holster to a belt or having pockets around the waistband instead of loops.


Concealed Carry Clothing

If you’re a fan of jeans or often wear dress pants or slacks to work, you might find yourself leaning toward a belt for your concealed carry firearm. Concealed carry belts are more secure than regular belts because they are built to support the weight of your gun and make it easier to draw and re-holster. They also provide one of the safest and most secure forms of concealed carry because you can carry it at your waist. As a bonus, you can wear your concealed carry belt as a normal one without a firearm.


Concealed Carry Clothing

There is a wide variety of concealed carry purses and bags, so if you are more comfortable not wearing your firearm, you’re sure to find a purse to match your lifestyle and fashion taste. These bags function as regular purses but always have a pocket specifically for holding your firearm. While having a concealed carry purse could prove disadvantageous if someone stole it or if it takes too long to draw your gun, it does have its merits.


While some shirts and tops come with built-in holsters, this is not usually the case for your everyday wardrobe. However, any type of top can be fabricated to make it easy for you to conceal carry without printing, or the outline of the gun showing through your clothes. Some of the most popular types of concealed carry shirts include peplum style, empire waist, flowy shirts, button-downs, and dolman shirts. Many of these are naturally good for concealed carry, but even tighter tops like tanks and camisoles can be made specifically for concealed carry, so you can keep your unique style without sacrificing your safety.


Concealed Carry Clothing

There are several options when it comes to holsters, and most of the time, what you choose depends on your comfortability level (as in, where you are comfortable putting your firearm and how close you want it to your body) and your outfit choice. With any holster, it’s important that it protects the trigger, remains secure, and is comfortable against your body, as well as easy to draw and put back.


Ankle holsters are particularly helpful under long dresses, skirts, and flared pants. These holsters are worn around your ankle or lower calf. While thigh holsters are also feasible in this situation, many people choose ankle holsters when they are wearing longer clothing items in order to reach their firearm more easily and quickly. One downside of ankle holsters is that you generally want to choose a smaller gun and be aware when walking in order to avoid hitting the gun with your other leg.


Bellybands, a type of soft holster, are generally made from a soft, flexible material that stretches to fit your body shape. They are worn around the waist or hips. Soft holsters are great for anyone who wants a compressed holster that is less likely to look awkward or bulge out through more tight-fitting clothing.


A perfect choice for beginners, kydex holsters are shaped to fit whichever specific gun model you have and are made out of malleable plastic. They can be worn in the waistband or outside the waistband and come in many styles. If you choose to wear a belt, some kydex holsters can attach to it, while others can attach directly to fabric. Many beginners choose kydex for its flexible styles, consistency, and protective hard cover over the trigger.


Want to wear a dress or a skirt? No problem. Thigh holsters are perfect for business and formal attire, and some even come with built-in trigger guards. Some thigh holsters are a simple band worn around the thigh, while others come as a pair of tight-fitting shorts with an inside or outside holster pocket.


There are many types of clothing with built-in holsters, including dress pants, workout clothes, and jeans. These types of soft holsters save you the trouble of attaching an outside holster to your clothes and make it simple to wear what you want without worrying about which type of holster you need.

With all these different types of concealed carry clothing and gear available to women, it’s becoming easier to be fashionable and protected at the same time. Whatever your aesthetic is, there’s a concealed carry item to fit your look and keep you safe.

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