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Concealed Carry made Easy

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

No, I am not talking about making it easy to register for a class or even having fingerproints and passport style photos available on site. We have been doing that for years and the fly-by-night firearms training companies can easily try to replicate that as they put on a check-in-the-box class.

What I am talking about is something that it has taken my team years to master and we are constantly staying on top of the new changes as they come. What I am talking about is our Application Assistance.

Concealed Carry made Easy

It's not hard to provide a period of instruction that meets jurisdictional requirements but my team has established a process of quickly, efficiently and successfully processing applications on behalf of our clients. We can provide you with our Premium One Stop Shop package that includes the training, fingerprints, photographs, application fees, and application assistance or you can simply choose which particular application you would like for us to work on for you (application fee included in the price) with our Application Assistance option.

Why did we start offering this? Why now?

I found it was all too common for a student to take our training and spend hundreds of dollars only to return years later because their training had expired and they never applied for any licensing. Many asked if I would do their paperwork for them because I was so well versed with the process, but I always declined the kind offers. But in 2020, with the covid situation dominating every aspect of our life and more people seeking training, the requests to assist with applications poured in.

I brought the need to my admin assistant, who had obtained her Maryland Handgun Permit and had answered many questions to our clients over the years and she quickly put together a seamless process that streamlined this once complicated and frustrating task. We now are able to navigate 6 applications for a client in a few short days and have our students well on their way to better exercising their 2nd Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms.

Concealed Carry made Easy

Now when these clients come to training they can concentrate on learning rather than be distracted by the thought of the daunting pile of paperwork that awaits them after they complete the training.

With our One Stop Shop Premium, this includes Maryland, Virginia, Utah and Arizona. We even give you the Florida training certification free of charge and we guide you through the in-person process you will complete with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department if you are to apply for concealed carry there (very simple process).

For D.C. we can't submit you application for you because applicants must show up for their appointment in person and submit their fingerprints & photo at that time (they will conduct that service at that time).

For Florida, we will give you the training certification and photographs for free but the fingerprint card must be conducted by a law enforcement officer- which we will provide information on how to complete that. If completed and returned to us- we will submit that application for you as well.

Concealed Carry made Easy

Here is a list of our upcoming public events:


Aug 21-22 Lexington Park MD (2 spots left)

Aug 26-27 SOLD OUT

Aug 28-29 Mechanicsville MD (3 spots left)

Sept 4-5 Brandywine MD (5 spots)

Sept 11-12 Annapolis MD (7 spots)

Oct 2-3 Mechanicsville MD (10 spots)

Oct 16-17 Lexington Park MD (10 spots)

Oct 30-31 LaPlata MD (10 spots)

Nov 6-7 Solomons MD (10 spots)

Dec 4-5 Brandywine MD (10 spots)

Dec 11-12 Lexington Park MD (10 spots)

We conduct this in public settings but also offer this option privately as well, whether to train the whole office or just your group of friends. For private groups of 5 or more we offer 10% off. Feel free to call or text me to set up a time for PTP to not only train you to thrive in this dangerous world, but also so we can take the burden of paperwork off your busy plate so you can get to enjoying buying and carrying your handgun.

Ryan Gass


Concealed Carry made Easy

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