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Do we train kids?

Many people have asked for years "Ryan, do you do classes for kids?" or some variation there of. And the short answer- No.

Why? Many reasons. Liability of just working with kids in general at all. 2. Patience. Its a... its a work in progress for me. 3. My cussing had been horrendous in the past- but I am working on that and have made great strides, but also still a work in progress. 4. Everyone says they want this service or that service, until that service is available and its time to put your money where your mouth was last week when you encouraged me to schedule such an event (one of the reasons we hold much less Women Only classes compared to what we used to).

But, I have been training my kids and in the coming months, I will be training them much more often and in several aspects. Mostly hands on. Largely with blue inert training aid guns. This will, to a certain extent, be the proving grounds where I test different teaching methods, training aids, video presentations, inert gun use, live fire training, ect. This will help me decide if this is something I want to dive into this with kids that are not my own.

I also have to decide what, if anything, that I will charge for such services as this is still a business and time is still money. What I am strongly considering, if I take this dive, is to only offer such services to those whom have a PTP Family Memberships at no additional costs.

If this is something your family would be interested in, comment on this blog and/or the YouTube video below. I will read, consider, and address all comments, concerns, questions from the comments found either on this blog or on the video below.

In this video, this is my daughter Sawyer and I working together last night on how to safely draw and reholster her sister's Ruger SR22 handgun. For those that have attended our Concealed Carry courses over the years, you will recognize much of the verbiage and techniques. Let me know what you think. Comment on the video your thoughts.

Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already. I will be working with them much for often, documenting via video and sharing the journey with our YouTube community as my kids grow in their relationship and abilities with firearms. This will not be limited to just handguns, but also rifles and shotguns as well.

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