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DryFireMag- Product Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

So I had been putting it off purchasing one (no particular reason why) but last week I finally pulled the trigger on one. It came in and I quickly opened it up and started fiddling with it (not done yet).

When first trying to insert the mag into the gun, I struggled a lit bit as it is a tight fit and I didn't want to force it in and break it. But I got it in and got it going. There is some adjusting available to do but as off current- this is where I am at.

I am using it in a Glock 17. The trigger doesn't exactly feel or sound the same as a Glock 17 but it does work in that it resets the trigger. That day I had to be on the range to complete a two day Concealed Carry training. I came to keep my Glock 17 holstered with a DryFireMag inserted ready to go.

Most of the students in that class were using my Glock 17's, so when I would see them anticipating the shot, I would safely trade guns with them and tell them to try with mine- adding that it was different, same recoil. They would attempt to fire, blatantly anticipating the shot and I am able to point out why they were hitting consistently low. I would then have them try again (dry-firing) several times and slowly working out that bad habit. Then we would safely switch Glock 17's again and have them try again. Dead center, hitting the X (we were using B27's).

Ocassionally, they would deviate from the new standard (was always the standard but it better helped them to realize the point) and I would safely trade back again, again pointing out that they were anticipating the shot and again them fixing it.

The DryFireMag quickly proved its worth and I am excited in using it again in future classes. Is it perfect? No. Do I still have more learning to do with this product? Yes. But how you use it and the amount of people this can benefit- the sky is the limit. I will post follow up blogs on this product as I am sure I will find more and exciting ways to use them.

I was not sent this product for free, I didn't use any promo codes for discounts, and I haven't communicated with DryFireMag on the blog article.

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