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Fingerprint Requirement for Maryland HQL and Handgun Permit (to Carry)

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Fingerprint Requirement for Maryland HQL

Up until recently, when applying for your Maryland HQL and Maryland Handgun Permit (to Carry) your fingerprints were only valid for 30 days after printing.

Last week one of our students went to apply for his permit and was informed by a representative of the Maryland State Police Licensing Division that the fingerprints are now valid for up to 12 months after initial printing. PTP-Gun has since reached out to the Maryland State Police Headquarters and confirmed the information. Once you have been fingerprinted, you have 12 months to use those prints to apply for your Maryland HQL or Maryland Handgun Permit (to Carry).

However, fingerprints still can only be used for one application. If you apply for your HQL with on set, you can’t apply for the handgun permit (to carry) with the same fingerprints. Which you are using them for is to be designated at the time of fingerprinting and can not be changed once submitted.

We here at PTP-Gun are excited to share this news with our community and hope this helps out when applying for either Maryland permit/license.

Fingerprint Requirement for Maryland HQL

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