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Free Firearms Training

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We recently launched a pilot program which provides Free Firearms Training in communities throughout Maryland. Current locations include Brandywine, Leonardtown and Lexington Park. Most are scheduled in June through September.

This is an opportunity to give back to the State that needs us now more than ever in the fight to retain our Rights. But with opportunities like this that some may think "Its too good to be true" there are inherently questions. We knew this, that's why we wanted to be transparent from the get go and answer the questions before they are asked.

Free Firearms Training


Because we see a true need in our community for people to not only know how to safely & effectively use a firearm but also to know and understand the laws & their constitutional rights.

What certifications will come with this training?

Zero. These classes do not come with any certifications. This is about learning to be safer & more effective with your handgun, and learning how to conduct ones self legally and responsibly. While this training does meet training requirements for several certifications and those can be purchased- the experience and knowledge received is FREE. There is classroom portions, hands on portions and live-fire exercises on the range.

Why are you doing this?

Communities all throughout Maryland have been so supportive and gracious to us over the many years and we wont to give back. No purchase is necessary AT ALL to come and enjoy what we have to offer.

How are you able to afford to do this?

Its coming out of our own pockets, but that will not last forever- we aren't taxpayer funded. Unlike the government- we have respect The People and have to be financially responsible. Those that purchase certifications at these courses will help us be able to continue this program. No purchase is necessary nor will there be pressure to purchase anything. ​

What are the requirements?

Show up. Don't sign up and not show up. And if you are signed up and you can't make it- let us know. A lot of planning goes into these events and we have to plan accordingly based on how many students we expect to show up. If you sign up for a class and then No Call - No Show, you will not be allowed to sign up for any future Free Classes. We keep a rolling list of No Shows and as registrations come in- we check to see if you are on our No Show list.

Come dressed and ready to go with your photo ID, your drivers license for those that have one.

We have firearms for those that need one to use for the class but that is limited so if you do have your own, you are encouraged to bring that as well.

For those bringing their own firearm, please bring a holster and 50 rounds of ammunition as well.

What can I do to help?

Please, share this opportunity with those in the community that could use this much needed training. Share on social media, share in community groups, post it in the bulletin at church, on the cork board at work. Anything to get the word out helps.


June 8-9 (Thurs-Fri) Brandywine MD

June 15-16 (Thurs-Fri) Leonardtown MD

June 24-25 (Sat-Sun) Lexington Park MD ALMOST FULL

Aug 10-11 (Thurs-Fri) Lexington Park MD

We look forward to seeing many of you all in class soon.

Register by clicking HERE

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Bertina Campbell
Bertina Campbell
May 09, 2023

Great class, wonderful teacher look forward to this wonderful opportunity

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