Glock 19 4th Generation

Updated: Aug 13

While being a Glock fan especially and with different models, my first handgun was a Glock 19, 4th generation which I currently still have. It is chambered in 9x19MM with a length of 7.28”, height of 5.04” 1.34” wide and has a barrel of 4.02” with a 1:9 ratio twist. Its standard capacity is 15 round magazines and 1 in the chamber which gives you a total of 16 9mm ready to go.

I bought this handgun in 2016 while still in the Marine Corps and has roughly a few thousand rounds that have been put through it. I have made some upgrades to it after the first 500 rounds.I added a Truglo Tritium Night Sights, Ultimate Pyramid Trigger with the Titanium Stryker, Extended Magazine Release, and a Stream light TLR-1 High Lumens. I have not had a single issue with any of the parts or the gun itself.

Now, Glock with stock parts is perfectly fine and has been through a fair share of tests including Military tests since some Military Special Operators carry the Glock 19. It has low chances for failures, I really like and enjoy the Pyramid trigger and would recommend that to anyone looking to upgrade any Glock handgun’s trigger. It feels smoother and seems to have a shorter reset compared to the stock Glock Trigger. It does come as a kit including different pound springs, but I would recommend keeping the striker spring at 6Lbs. otherwise you run the risk of having a failure to fire. A lot of review I have seen on this trigger where people were under the impression that the springs were for the trigger pull were wrong to where it is the pressure behind the striker. The trigger pull will remain the same.

The extended magazine release is a bonus by having more contact to that magazine release for an easier time getting those magazines out quickly. As my Glock 19 being my go-to gun, I added a Stream Light TLR-1 High Lumens to it for multiple reasons. Late at night and you hear a noise in your house so you go to grab your gun to investigate, you have the light now already attached to see your possible attacker and can confirm it prior to you having to use lethal options to defend yourself or family. One thing that can really help you out on your side in court. Just by having a light to say you saw and confirmed that there was an actual threat prior to getting that first round off rather than not having a light and getting that first round off can be a big difference in court.

The Glock 19 in my opinion is the right size for men and women with different size hands and compact enough to conceal carry it. This is part of my EDC (Everyday Carry) and is a reliable handgun. It is favorited by new shooters, experienced shooters, and military members. It has definitely been my favorite and continues to be my go to gun.


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