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GUN CONTROL ALERT: Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

GUN CONTROL ALERT: Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

Breaking: 5 Republicans elected to the Calvert County Board of Commissioners have passed a motion which bans firearms by all persons (stand by for exemptions) on any county property/facility. This new law was proposed by Deputy County Administrator Wilson H. Parran, for reasons unknown.

Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

From left to right: Commissioners Mike Hart [R] (Vice President), Thomas E. "Tim" Hutchins [R] , Kelly D. McConkey [R] (President), Steven R. Weems [R] and Earl F. "Buddy" Hance [R]. There have been no reports of any issues regarding law abiding citizens possessing firearms on county property, whether employee or visitor. Was the 'leadership' of Calvert County looking to address an issue experienced by a majority of their consituents or is this a further flex of tyrannical powers never afforded to them by the voters or the constitution? Persons whom are above the law in this situation: Elected officials (that's right- "Good for thee but not for me") Lets see what this law actually says (Click Below to See the actual Final Draft that the county released)

Calvert County Weapons_Ban_Policy_Final_Draft_clean_copy_June_19
Download PDF • 243KB

III. Policy A. Except as provided in C or D below, no Employee or visitor may at any time be in the Possession of a Weapon, Firearm, or Contraband in a County Facility. B. Holders of a Permit to Carry a Handgun issued by the Maryland State Police under Article 4, Section 303 of the Annotated Code of Maryland or any handgun or weapons permit issued by another State or jurisdiction are not exempt from the policy. C. The prohibition against the possession of a Weapon or Firearm set forth in this Policy does not apply to: -a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer -Correctional Officer -a Security Officer, as defined in Section II, Items F, G, and H of this Policy, who is carrying an assigned weapon while in the performance of their official duty -Appointed Employees or Elected Officials who hold a valid Permit to Carry a Handgun issued by the Maryland State Police or a valid Proficiency Card issued in accordance with the provisions of Title 18, 44USC, §926B and 926C, and is performing their official duty. D. The prohibition against the Possession of a Weapon or Firearm set forth in this Policy does not apply to a licensed hunter at a County Facility where hunting is permitted.

Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

How do they define "Elected Official"? Elected Official: A person who is an official by virtue of an election That's right- this law is so great and necessary that it doesn't apply to them. And they have also afforded themselves the opportunity to give their un-elected friends a free pass on this horrible policy- if they so choose. I am not ignoring my belief that no one should be above any law at anytime, even law enforcement. If it isn't good enough for every single person- then it isn't a god law, toss it.

Want to watch this hearing first hand and see how these stellar commissioners performed?

We are calling upon the Calvert County Board of Commissioners to hold an Emergency Hearing during which they can appeal the horrendous policy and also issue a public apology to all persons working, visiting or conducting business at any County Facility for this extreme mishandling of power and attempting to subject such persons to further injustices. Commissioner Buddy Hance proposed the idea that the county could get sued if a disarmed employee should be the violent assault on county property that could have been carrying. Why doesn't that concern extend to all persons? But Hance also pushed false rumors about the application process, so know that he doesn't come from a background of intelligence. When confronted on Facebook, Commissioner Kelly D. Mcconkey stated "I want to get rid of this policy altogether" "further stating " we had a public hearing with no responses" (See below. Request for an Official Statement was unobtainable at this time).

Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

Now Commissioner Mcconkey states part of the reason he voted in this manner is because he recieved no input from the public when this horrible policy was being discussed and he didn't understand the real affects of gun bans (See below) so be sure to share this article all over social media and in email chains with friends/family/co-workers.

Calvert County, MD Politicians Above the Law

Here is there official contact info. Please be sure to call and email every single one to let them know your feelings on this topic. Also be sure to subscribe to for updates to this story and more 2A related infringes across the region. Board of County Commissioners Phone: 410-535-1600, ext. 2214 Fax: 410-535-5594 Board Members

  1. Earl F. "Buddy" Hance County Commissioner, At-Large Representative

  2. Mike Hart County Commissioner, 1st District Representative

  3. Thomas E. "Tim" Hutchins County Commissioner, 2nd District Representative

  4. Kelly D. McConkey County Commissioner, 3rd District Representative

  5. Steven R. Weems County Commissioner, At-Large Representative

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Scott Russey
Scott Russey
14 jul. 2020

I didn’t know this debate was happening; I would have been there. I missed your previous post about this. I’m

glad Hutchins is alone on this, but how many more elections will it take to change the odds. I wish a 2A case would make it to SCOTUS. I don’t think we will have a better chance to affirm 2A and rid ourselves of these useless gun control laws.

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