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Handgun 2- Part 4, Jason McCoy

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A couple of things with this particular drill. We’re gonna do it in the same two stations that we did the last one in. So, we’re gonna have half the line on one side, half on the other. Let’s try to make sure we’ve got even numbers this time, so it works out.

I’m going to show you movement in a minute, but we’re going to move from those cones back there behind us. You’re going to basically sprint or move at whatever pace you feel comfortable from point A to point B. I’ll cover that part of it in a minute. Once you get up here, you’re gonna be confronted with an array of threats, and in this case, part of each target is gonna be occluded. So, the blue target is a no-shoot. So, all our rounds need to impact on the pink target, and we still need to do it in such a way that it’s going to be a combat effective hit ,where we’re still going to get either immediate incapacitation due to that CNS shot or we’re going to start that examination process in that necktie region. So, don’t get shy and put rounds over here, because then this guy’s just going to shoot your hostages. This guy is perfectly clear back here. This one, we’ve got to be up here in the t-box, so see this pink line right here. We need to be somewhere inside that pink line. Remember how I talked about yesterday if we got pistol rounds, in particular, if we hit on the outer edge of the skull, that bullet’s going to go, it’s going to penetrate under the skin and it’s going to travel the skull around or follow the line of the skull. It’s not going to penetrate into the cranium. So, we want to be sure we get those bullets up here in this t-zone to hit that cranial vault. Same thing over here. Here, we can either go for that center mass hit or maybe we come up here and go for a headshot. So, the trick is on this one, I’m not going to tell you what order of priority to engage these targets in. I want you to start thinking and strategizing about what you think you can hit, at what speed, and what order you want to address these targets in. Does that make sense?

We’re gonna engage each one with two rounds. So, each pink target that’s facing you, two rounds. So again, that’s this one, this one, this one, and that one. These ones on the outside are not targets. A couple of things that we want to think about when we’re moving with the gun: this morning, we were moving and shooting at the same time, and again, we were trying to lay down effective fire where we could close distance with a threat. In this case, I probably can’t effectively engage any of these targets except for the one, maybe in the far back, but we’re not going to shoot from back here at all. We’re only going to shoot once we get to that cone up there. So, what we need to do in order to be able to effectively engage our threat is we need to close this distance as quickly as possible. So, what we don’t want to do is kind of like we see on TV where they’re in the cool guy run-and-gun phase where they’re running like this, because if I trip and fall, either my muzzle’s going to go down in the dirt or it’s going to end up pointed back at my own body or back here at you guys. So, what I want to do is I want to take the back of my tricep, I want to index it into my rib cage here, and I want to have the gun up here, where the crown of that muzzle is past the crown of my head. I don’t want it down here like this for obvious reasons. It’s got to be up high, so if it comes over like this, the muzzle is going to be extended past my head. You’ll see some guys that’ll take the back of the slide, and they’ll actually touch their ear pro with it, and that’s totally fine with me. What we want to do if we trip and we go this way, is extend that arm out, brace yourself with this hand, and make sure that gun’s going downrange.

When we’re traveling from point A to point B, and I’m gonna use my blue gun. I’m gonna come back toward you guys so you can see it. I don’t care about being real tactical, I’m just gonna haul ass. So, I’m gonna get that index, and I’m gonna get from point A to point B, but when I get close to where I want to shoot, I want to start bleeding off speed. So, I’m going to use little stutter steps, kind of like you see in football or something like that, where you’re coming into that position, and you want to get that speed mitigated, so you can stabilize your shot. So, from back here, this is kind of what it’s going to look like.

The gun’s going to be in a holster. On the command of threat, it’s going to come out of the holster. I’m going to find that index, and I’m going to get to my point, bleed that speed off, and now I can set up for my shot. Going the other direction, on threat, we’re going to draw the gun, get the index, we’re going to go, bleed the speed off, into the shot.

Let me demo it for you. So, we got two in the t-zone here, I was a little bit outside of where I wanted to be over here, two center mass, two in the head - one we’re a little bit on the outside. So, we just got to practice that throttle control and feel out where we’re comfortable shooting from. Again, no shooting happens until we get right here.

Give me two equal lines behind these cones, load, and make ready if you need to. Stand by at the cone. Go! All right, we got one out there, and we got a hostage shot right here. So, go ahead and scan the holster. Re-holster, fall back, stand by. Good!

I think you might have nailed a hostage! All right, re-holster, fall back when you’re ready. That’s good. You want to challenge the speed a little bit because your hits have been really solid. So, you want to find the point where the wheels kind of come off the cart and then dial it back slightly.

Next shooter! All right! You’re one out over top here and one out over top there. Re-holster, fall back when you’re ready. Stand by! Go! Very nice on the shots, perfect, good pace. All right, holster and next shooter!

Make ready if you need to. Oh! It’s a little father-son competition! If you’re not done before, he is. Stand by! Go! Good hits! A little bit high on this one, moving project that muscle just a little bit higher. He was pretty quick, he only had one out. So, it happens sometimes!

Next shooter! Let’s make ready if you need to. Stand by! Go!

All right guys, take about five minutes, top magazines off. We’re gonna readjust the targets, and I’ll call you back up when we’re ready.

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