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HIRING: Member Services Coordinator

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In my best DJ Khalid voice " Another One..."

Yep, very excited to announce that we are seeking to hire a Member Services Coordinator at PTP.

This is a long term position with room to grow. We have grown our membership to over 139 in three years and looking to max it out at 250 by next summer. This is a great opportunity to work from home (mostly) with no set schedule. Want to sleep in and kill it all afternoon, no problem. Want most of your weekends off and the ability to sit beach side during the week sipping on a cold water and checking on your work emails?

We are results driven. This isn't a clock in/ clock out job, no collecting hours and counting down the clock until you get to leave. This is a position where your hard work and effort is directly reflected in the amount of members we gain and retain each month. No one can take away from what you have achieve and you have no one to blame when the numbers start diving.

Ultimately, the members are your boss. You are accountable to them and their experience should be enhanced by adding you to our team.

Membership Coordinator Job Description Template We are looking for a membership coordinator to act as the liaison between our organization and our members. The membership coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of membership, from serving as the first point of contact for membership related questions to organizing events to recruit new members.

You will also be tasked with maintaining records, tracking membership figures, and coordinating with the accounting department regarding the payment of membership fees. To be successful as a membership coordinator you should be able to keep membership numbers up and ensure member satisfaction. Ultimately, an excellent membership coordinator should be an outstanding communicator with a talent for building strong relationships between members and the organization.

HIRING: Member Services Coordinator

Membership Coordinator Responsibilities:

• Handling all questions, information requests, and complaints regarding membership.

• Processing membership applications, renewals, and resignations.

• Maintaining and updating membership records.

• Assisting with member communication activities.

• Collecting data, tracking membership statistics, and preparing reports.

• Developing and implementing strategies to recruit new members.

• Coordinating with the accounting department to track membership revenue.

• Preparing membership marketing materials.

• Organizing events and activities for existing and prospective members.

• Planning membership events and annual banquet

• Communicating with company leadership regularly about the needs of the membership and how you will meet those needs

Membership Coordinator Requirements:

• High school diploma/GED.

• Previous experience in member management, sales, or recruitment.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Excellent customer service skills.

• Ability to think creatively and take initiative.

• Excellent writing and editing skills.

• Highly organized.

• Must be results driven person with initiative and an inability to use excuses

• Must be innovative and creative

• Good listening and interpersonal skills.

• Answering phone calls and written questions, concerns, and complaints regarding membership.

• Have to be out going, no time to be shy or embarrassed.

• Possess a laptop and cell phone

Please email resumes to ryan@ptpguncom

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