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HIRING: Operations Manager

Updated: Jun 22, 2023 is one of the fastest growing firearms training companies serving the Mid Atlantic. We help clients develop become safer and more effective with their various firearms, helping them to better protect themselves and their families. We are seeking a full-time Operations Manager who can support our growing business.

An Operations Manager, or Operations Supervisor, oversees a company’s organizational processes and adds improvements to it. Their main duties include assisting the human resources team in the recruiting and hiring process, implementing policies and strategies to improve productivity and efficiency levels and building an enjoyable company culture. An Operations Manager is responsible for keeping track of the big picture and identifying potential areas of improvement. We are looking for someone competitive to join our winning team. Please read below to get an understanding of the position.

HIRING: Operations Manager

Leading the Operations of the Company includes: -Planning, scheduling, dispatching and monitoring quality assurance throughout the move process. -Hiring the right crew members and training them effectively -Selling and Leading our sales team -Maintaining a high rating on Google & Facebook -Long-term planning to create initiatives that further the company’s overall goals -Coordinating different teams to foster exchange of ideas and provide cross-team learning opportunities -Assessing and analyzing departmental budgets to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize profits -Inspiring and motivating employees to perform at their best through positive encouragement and incentive initiatives -Communicating with the board or other senior officials about shifting company priorities and projects -Identifying potential problems and points of friction and working to find solutions in order to maximize efficiency and revenue -Identifying opportunities to expand or shift course in order to take advantage of changes in the market -Meeting Monthly Revenue & Profit Projection -Being Thoughtful, Fun-Loving, & Heroic to Our Customers

-Having worked as a Manager of a Chick-fil-a is a big bonus

HIRING: Operations Manager

Primary Responsibilities: This is a full-time position, working mostly remote, with overall responsibilities of daily business operations. The Operations Manager reports to the company President and coordinates a fully distributed workforce. 1. Coordinate daily business operations, ensuring organizational excellence 2. Help management implement organizational objectives, strategies, policies and tactics. 3. Provide development, coordination and oversight of: -Superior customer service protocols, maintaining professional relationships with team members and clients, with a commitment to quality service -All Human Resources responsibilities, including hiring, training, disciplining, terminating, payroll and compliance -All property and liability insurance programs -Developing and documenting standard operating procedures -Ongoing technology maintenance, training and database management -Office system transitions and outsourced services, including but not limited to: accounting, technology, industry-specific software, and general maintenance -Filing, record-keeping and operational aspects as they impact business operations -Maintaining compliance with local, state and federal authorities -Maintaining a detailed inventory of all company goods/property

Requirements: 3+ years of experience leading others Willing to participate in our pre-employment background and drug screening process Logistics background and experience a plus Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced busy environment Control expenses Self-directed professional with at least 5 years of small business operations experience Proven experience managing a remote workforce and operating efficiently in a virtual environment Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff Knowledge of office management systems and procedures Experience with accounting and Quickbooks Strong organizational abilities, including planning, delegating and business processes Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize work to meet all deadlines Attention to detail and problem-solving skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Proficiency in MS Office Salary: $40,000 /year +bonuses

Experience: small business operations, accounting/QuickBooks

Application Question: Why are you a great candidate for this position?

You would be my right hand man (or woman) and would help me take PTP to the next level. I hate excuses and I love results.

Tell me about a situation that looked pretty daunting but you were able to adapt and overcome.

Email resumes to

HIRING: Operations Manager

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