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Is your home a Hard Target?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Your home is your castle but…… it is also where you are the most vulnerable to asocial violence. Asocial criminals understand that you let your guard down because your home is where you feel most safe and relaxed. Many home invasions occur during the day while you are in and out of the house doing various outdoor chores. Most people do not lock the door each time they continue to enter and exit. Unfortunately, this is a critical security procedure that should become a habit similar to your habit of locking the doors on your car upon entry or exit.

Is your home a Hard Target?

What about the exterior? Are there areas where an asocial criminal could hide from view and easily have the ability to choose the time of a possible asocial criminal encounter? Are there flood lights and maybe security cameras to enable you to view any activity outside the house before you blindly answer the front door? Do you have a dog to better alert you of an “uninvited guest” in or around your home? Many seasoned asocial criminals have been caught with maps of the neighborhood marking houses with various security features and DOGS! How do you think your home would be marked?

Self-defense/self-survival begins by being a HARD TARGET!

More to think about……….

- Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Martial art, Self-defense, Self-survival instructor.

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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