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Lock Your Doors?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Do you lock the doors on your house AND your car doors? Do you know that many home invasions happen during the day while you leave your doors unlocked as you go in and out for various activities? Do you know that many carjackings happen because the criminal enters through unlocked doors while the vehicle is stopped? Do you have a plan to defend yourself and family once your space has been entered? If so, does your family know about your plan? Wouldn't you rather have a plan to deter or slow down this situation?

Do you lock your doors? I hope it is a habit you have developed and use every day! Some cars automatically lock the doors when the car begins to move and some do not. Make a habit to lock your car doors EVERY time you enter your car much like you should EVERY time you enter your home. You might want to use an additional door stop on your home's entry doors while you are sleeping. This would require additional time and possibly more noise for a criminal to enter your home. If you remember from my previous posts, TIME = LIFE!

Lock Your Doors?

I assume everyone locks their doors in today's world. The real question is - Why do you lock your doors? Well.....most people have the self-defense (victim) mindset and believe they lock the door to protect their family from any potential entry by criminal activity. An alternative mindset is a self-survival (survivor) mindset. A self-survival mindset locks the doors to protect the criminal because.....they know the criminal will not be safe in their home or their vehicle! Which mindset do you use?

More to think about...................

I explain and demonstrate this type of mindset, and how to employ it, in surviving a "life or death" encounter during my seminars.

- Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Martial art, Self-defense, Self-survival instructor.

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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