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VIDEO: Man Armed w/ Knife Commits Suicide by Cop- Montgomery County, Maryland

Updated: Mar 25

From July of 2023, this video includes both dash and body camera footage of an officer involved shooting of a man who stabbed four citizens and moved on to attacking a law enforcement officer, resulting in this un-aliving.

Remember, this is in the liberal strong hold and gun control mecca of Maryland, where the elected officials want to disarm those of us that want to be able to defend ourselves from such violent and deranged people as depicted here. In their minds, we are safer if we can't address such a person attacking us with a knife- that right is only reserved by their law enforcement officers.

This a perfect example of what happens when you make it near impossible for good people to be armed. They get stabbed and must hope that law enforcement can make it there in time to address the deadly threat.

What do you all think about this crap? Please go to YouTube and leave your thoughts in the comment section of this video\

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