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Maryland Open Carry Incidents, #1

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

You will start to see a rise of those in Maryland exercising their legal and constitutionally protected right to open carry in Maryland.

Those that haven't trained with us: "But I thought open carry is illegal in Maryland..."

Those that trained with others: "But but but my instructor told me that open carry is illegal and that I would get shot or arrested by law enforcement"

Open carry isn't for everyone. Open carry of a long gun is completely legal in Maryland, no permit nor training needed. Open carry of a Handgun in Maryland requires the person to have their Maryland Handgun Permit (not to be confused with the Maryland Handgun

Qualification License) See Picture below of what a Maryland Handgun Permit looks like

Maryland Open Carry Incidents, #1

We will be posting videos from times where people are exercising this ability, sometimes with a law enforcement interaction- sometimes not. We are posting these for educational opportunities not only for American citizens but also for Maryland law enforcement officers as we have found far too often that they are not receiving adequate training on what the law allows/does not prohibit as well as how to interact with a lawful carrier of firearms.

This isn't a "Got Ya!" scheme or attempts to trigger the anti-gun crowd. Its simply people taking steps to ensure their own safety while educating those that live, work, visit Maryland what their legal rights are.

These videos will be shared on our YouTube as they are sent to us periodically from time to time. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the notifications of videos added.

Want to get the training certification needed to apply for your Maryland Handgun Permit? questions? Give us a call or text at 240-925-5788

Notes: The Maryland Handgun Permit is the permit that the Maryland Department of State Police sells to Americans so that they can access their 2nd Amendment protected civil right to keep and bear arms. Maryland Handgun Permit allows the holder to open AND/OR conceal carry handguns. The Maryland Handgun Permit doesn't limit how many handguns. The Maryland Handgun Permit doesn't limit your magazine capacity. The AR-15 in this video is a pistol, not a rifle. Dead giveaway is the pistol stabilizing brace affixed to the buffer tube on the rear of the receiver. The citizen depicted in this video did a great job of calmly and confidently exercising his right while educating those in law enforcement about that right as well as types of firearms that exist due to ignorant federal firearms laws and policies set forth by politicians/bureaucrats. The more you exercise your rights- the better. It makes for a polite society, a better educated law enforcement, and encourages others to do the same. It does not matter how "unusual" it is for someone to exercise a right. It does not matter that it's a Democrat run state. It does not matter if you think "just because you can doesn't mean you should". It does not matter your race, religion, gender, level of education. Know your rights, and exercise them. Do you also want the ability to open and/or conceal carry a handgun in Maryland? How about a class that helps you do that as well as conceal carry in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Delaware? Have questions about this video or quality concealed carry training? Call or text us at 240-925-5788 #ConcealedCarryTraining#ConcealedCarry#HandgunTraining#MarylandWearCarry Contact Us Ryan Gass Founder Practical Training Professionals Website: Phone: 240-925-5788 By Appointment Only Location: 14901 Westwood Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613, United States (By Appointment Only) Follow Us on Social Media Platforms Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram:

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