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Maryland State Police- Traffic Stop w/ Armed Citizen

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

**Body cam and Dash cam video footage has been requested and will be shared once received. **

The morning of February 15 at approximately 8:55am, traveling on RT 301 in Faulkner, Maryland (Charles County) when I witnessed what appeared to be a speed trap established. As I passed, I noticed a Troopers body language indicate to me he was about to initiate a traffic stop. I immediately started to decrease my speed, use my turn signal and safely move from the left hand lane, to the right hand lane and then to the side of the road.

I immediately rolled my windows down and turned my vehicle off, and prepared my documentation (Troopers hadn't yet exited their vehicle).

I am posting this video for educational purposes. I am requesting the body cam and dash cam video, also to be posted for educational purposes and to show how a citizen could safely conduct themselves as well as to praise the Troopers involved for their professionalism.

Does that mean either side is perfect or without feedback to be provided? Not at all. We all grow and learn everyday.

Post your comments below of your thoughts of both my conduct and the conduct of the Troopers.

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