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Massive 2A Infringement in California

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Massive 2A infringement currently going on in California's Bay Area!

This week we talk about the new policies in San Jose, California that are making it harder for law abiding citizens to exercise their birthright to keep and bear arms.

San Jose Mayor, Sam Liccardo, recently pushed through policy that would force gun owners to:

1.Carry gun liability insurance an additional annual fee

3.Requires sellers to video tape all firearms transactions.

The big picture: The ordinance requires every firearm owner to buy liability insurance coverage and pay an annual fee for medical and police responses to gun-related injuries and deaths.

Wake up people! This only hurts lawful gun owners!

The San Jose Government is making it's citizens pay a fee to exercise a right!

It is absurd to say the least!

What we are saying:

Adding monetary burdens does nothing beyond prevent people experiencing poverty from exercising their constitutional rights.

Sounds like they are holding those that did NOT create any harm responsible.

This is just a money grab for insurance and a way to make sure rich people have all the guns. It's also a racket to force people to pay money or become criminals overnight. It should be challenged and struck down.

About videotaping all Firearms Transactions

The stated intent is prevent straw purchases. A straw purchase is when someone buys something for someone else.

Here's the thing guys: Straw purchases are already illegal.

Straw purchases have been illegal basically since the beginning of time.

Straw purchases are illegal because federal law criminalizes the making of false statements to a dealer about a material fact on ATF Form 4473, which must be filled out when a firearm is purchased from a licensed dealer.

Let's look at other rights:

Right to assemble, right to freedom of speech, right to religion: what if we start charging people a fee for being Muslim, or a fee to be a Christian?

Let's be real, there are bad apple gun owners. So the thought is to fine all gun owners to offset the cost of the few.

Let's also be real, there are some bad apple Muslims, or Christians: what kind of storm do think would rouse if the government started to charge people a fee to practice their religion?

It truly is ABSURD!

Final Thoughts:

They want you to pay insurance for a right, they want you to pay annual fees to cover the cost of gun violence done by criminals, this literally may be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

They want to videotape all forearms transactions to prevent straw purchases. You know what this sounds like, right? It sounds like video registration. And that sounds sketchy as hell. They also say this is supposed to help aid in gun violence restraining orders and intelligence programs that help identify illegal guns in the hands of criminals.

Again, there are already laws that do this! The ATF form 4473 has all those little blocks when you buy the gun.

Point being, this is a policy aimed at punishing law abiding, hard working gun owners. It does nothing to address the root of the problem: more gun laws don't stop bad guys from doing bad things.

Mike's Favorite of the week:

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You can check them out here:

Stay tuned as we will be having Brian Wang of Monarch Defense in studio this coming week!

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