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NexBelt, Belt Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I have been carrying for years and one aspect of my views that has changed considerably from the very beginning in my view on gear and its importance. One piece of gear that everything hangs on (pun intended) is your belt.

I have used a 5.11 Operator Belt (I hate the Tacti-cool name) for years and it has worked great- zero complaints. But I needed a competent belt that I can wear while carrying and dressed nicer, dressed in a way wear my belt is showing. So I reached out to NexBelt to see what they had to offer.

NexBelt sent me out their Vintage Coal belt with a black leather band. The belt fits up to a 45" waist but can be cut down to fit anyone down to a 25" waist. It was real easy to put together and put on.

I carry two guns, a Glock 43 appendix in a G-Code Incog and a Glock 17 w/TLR-1HL. Outside the Waistband (OWB) in a Bravo Concealment BCA Holster on my right side. On my left I use a Bravo Concealment dual magazine holster.

The NexBelt describes itself as "The belt with no holes", using a ratcheting system similar to a zip-tie to tighten. It has a lever that allows it to loosen when needed. You can loosen up slightly, after a hearty meal or loosen when using the bathroom. I left a lot of slack on my belt so I mostly loosen/tighten throughout the day as needed. I only fully open my belt when I am taking it off my pants entirely.

I can wear this belt with a nice set of jeans or slacks. I have worn it with a suit to a funeral or casual dress to church, all while carrying my same load out.

Changes I would make would maybe to make it wider and perhaps a tit bit more rigid. But otherwise has been a go to belt for me over the past month and a half.

I do recognize that things, like belts get worn in and break over time. I will post any updates on its performance over time and any fail points that may arise.

You can follow me on FB and IG @ryanrgass for more pictures, updates, and more.

If you want to see us review other products or you would like to submit a review of your own, please email me at

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Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson
Jan 21, 2019

Very good info thanks! I'm in the market for a good belt and will be checking them out!

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