Two of the most popular handguns right now. The glock 19 (left) and the CZ P07 (right)
Find a handgun you feel comfortable with and love shooting.


Let's start off by addressing the obvious elephant in the room. You, yeah you. Look, if you are reading this you are on the toilet, currently eating, about to eat, or just have. That's beside the point. Here I am pushing 300 lbs myself. It's okay,  we can't all be ripped let alone wear skinny jeans. The thing is we need to address that most of us will not be able to do most of the tacticool shit you see everyday. But we have chosen to carry a firearm (hopefully legally) in our state of fluffiness.

Pushing nearly 300lbs I (left) still am able to conceal a glock 19 and sig p320c inside the waistband.

Know Your Limitations and Practice

The only person that knows what we are capable of is ourselves. Can I do a front roll, side roll, or just eat sweet rolls? Experiment with different movements and adapt to what works with you. I know my right knee is shit so kneeling isn't the best option when taking cover so laying down or being aware of places that have standing cover would probably benefit me. Know what position of your holster is not only is effective but also comfortable. We being the heavy men that we are have flaps of fat that kinda get in the way when drawing a firearm from the hip. But we are also built differently so you might not have the spare tire I have and be able to use a appendix inside the waistband holster. Compared to 10 o'clock (3 o'clock for you right handed normies) iwb that I do. Finding a spot where it is effective and comfortable to carry can not only save your life but also make it less painful. Hell it's not the best solution but even try pocket carry (Unloaded first). The smaller the firearm the easier it will be to conceal on your fat rolls. Don't go too small though, you need to be able to control your firearm. I highly suggest a glock 19 or sig p320 for compact handguns and a glock 43 for sub compact. I've also heard some great things about the p365 by Sig and have tested it out but I don't have enough experience with it to give you confidence in the information. Don't be afraid of outside the waistband carry. This has saved me so much pain that I almost always keep it optional. Even to the point in winter I keep a long jacket and spare owb in my car. Summer time I always use baby powder between the holster and my skin. A fellow fluffy concealed carrier by the Instagram tag @Hoosierscout103 would like to add the following ; Untucked button up shirts are huge right now, (so is plaid) which I agree this paired with a good undershirt can increase comfort and decrease chafing. He also advised that using weapon mounted optics like the Trijicon HD rmr can cause discomfort but are great optics. I've personally shot the deltapoint pro and even though it causes some discomfort, I don't see how much better you can get with taller optics. But most importantly, don't to what is cool. Do what works.

Very basic Every Day Carry loadout. Know the equipment and how to use it in a fight.


Find a range, find a class, find some ammo, and find a gun. Go out and practice with all your equipment. Everyday carry takes time to perfect, and to be honest I'm still perfecting my EDC loadout.

In conclusion hopefully some of the tips I stated gives you a shorter ride on the struggle bus of fluffiness.  

If you have any questions feel free to slide into my Instagram DMs @liam_pewmaster .

Don't forget check out PTP’s training calendar, and as always be safe everyone.

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