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Zee Durham - Instructor Zee

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

This week we sat down with Mr. Zee Durham, also known as Instructor Zee.

Zee joins us from Tennessee to share why and how he got into firearms and self-defense training.

What are we talking about?

Bottom line, there is lot of talk of firearms in this episode, but there is even more about being a good human and learning from your failures.

Zee shares how he avoids the ego contest in training, and how he tries to connect with stubborn students.

Zee explains what it is to be a capable citizen and how that applies to all aspects of life.

We also get Zee smiling by pulling up some of his own videos and we learn how Danny DeVito showed up at his house!

Where can we learn more about Instructor Zee?

For more information about Instructor Zee, check out his website at You can find him on YouTube at

Want to watch Zee dance with Danny DeVito?

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