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PTP Podcast coming soon!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Trailer for the PTP Podcast with host Mike Bell.

Mike with is an avid Firearms Enthusiast, veteran of the Army National Guard, and range hand for Practical Training Professionals. Mike grew up in Arizona, the land of Constitutional Carry, and has quite a bit to say about the dog-and-pony show gun control sweeping the country.

Topics for this podcast, with YouTube video companion, will include:


First Aid

New and Noteworthy


Self Defense

Concealed Carry

Looming Gun Control

2A and 2A Law


and more!

You DO NOT want to miss what PTP has in store for you!

Get over to the YouTube, Firearms Training and make sure you hit the subscribe button!




Maryland Handgun Permit

HQL In Maryland

Maryland Concealed Carry License

Concealed Carry training in Maryland

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