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Setting up the MANTIS Blackbeard with the Laser Academy App.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In this video we go through setting up the MANTIS Blackbeard with the Laser Academy App.

What is the MANTIS Blackbeard?

With the MANTIS Blackbeard, you get the most realistic training with your AR, using your trigger, your grip, and your sights, with the Blackbeard Auto-resetting Trigger System.

No alteration to your trigger pull and no alteration to the reset equals meaningful dry fire reps that translate directly to your live fire performance.

Also important: no more having to run the recharge handle between every shot, so no training scars or development of improper muscle memory.

Blackbeard’s optional laser indicator further enhances your training with visual representation of where your “shots” land, as it fires down the barrel with every press of the trigger.

Quick and easy to install, Blackbeard replaces your bolt carrier group and magazine, making for simple transition from work to play and back again.

The magazine battery pack is good for 100,000 shots per charge; we’ll let you do the math on the obvious cost savings versus your favorite ammo.

Finally, the Blackbeard is rated to reset as quick as 10 shots per second, so once you’re ready to rock so too will be your gear.

What is the final verdict?

Our final verdict is that this is definitely something you should consider as part of your rifle training routine.

We use this to improve our draw, acquiring site picture, practicing trigger squeeze and release, and so much more. We are consistently finding new ways to add this in to our training.

As an added bonus for our PTP Blog readers, once this post hits 250 views (comment below that you watched the video) we will draw a name for the winner of the MANTIS Blackbeard system!

As always,

Learn. Defend. Prevail.


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