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Stop the Bleed training

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

We ready? No? Yeah? Go!

Oh My Gosh! It’s bleeding so bad. Oh! It’s so bad…it’s so bad… it’s so bad…get up there! Get up there! Get up there!

Right! We want it nice and high. We’re going to cinch it down. We’re going to get one good twist. We’re going to lock those windless in place. That’s 15 seconds down…and…good! 20 seconds…keep working through it. Nice! Good! Keep working through it…that’s 30 seconds…keep working, if you have not already done so. Yeah! That’s good. All right, all right, 40 seconds in…it’s good…working good…there we go! Good! You can take it off, please.

All right, that’s one minute. Just finish up the one you’re on.

So, you see now what we talked about with stress inoculation. All I did was put you under a clock. The only person you were competing against was you! That’s kind of a stunning individual, and I want to impress him!

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