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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In this video we go inside the box of the STREAMLIGHT Macrostream USB.

What's in the box:

Inside the box you will find a Charging Cable, Lanyard, and Instructions.

What we like about it so far:

What we like about the STREAMLIGHT Macrostream USB flashlight, on our first pass, is that it is USB Rechargeable, puts out 500 lumens on high setting, run time of 8 hours on low setting, and charges in 4 hours. We also like that it fits in the palm of your hand or comfortably fits in your pocket.

Coming soon:

Coming soon, we will run this thing through its paces by performing a Night Test, a Washer and Dryer Test, and a Drop Test. Hopefully STREAMLIGHT lives up to it's reputation with this nifty little flashlight

Interested in getting your own STRAMLIGHT Macrostream USB for your EDC flashlight solution? Grab one here:

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As always,

Train. Defend. Prevail.

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