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Bellator MMA Fighter and Self-Defense Coach

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

By Tara "The Tiny Terror" Graff

In this episode of the Practical Training Podcast, we sit down with Tara "The Tiny Terror" Graff.

Who is Tara "The Tiny Terror" Graff?

Tara is a professional MMA fighter under contract with Bellator MMA and a Self-Defense coach helping people to prepare for the unexpected.

Tara joins us to discuss why she got into MMA and why she decided to start teaching other women how to defend themselves.

Tara talks about jumping: how scary it was to fully commit to MMA and leave the day job behind.

As I like to say, there are no losses, only lessons. We win or we learn.

I ask Tara about her favorite loss and what she gained from it.

Tara's favorite student: has drive to do the uncomfortable and is a hard worker willing to put in the work.

We at PTP believe in self-reliance and encourage our students to become their own first responders. As such, we are working with Tara "The Tiny Terror" Graff to offer women's only self-defense courses several times through the rest of the year. Next available classes are August 15th and September 4th.

You can find these classes here:

To round out the training, consider taking one of our Women's Only Basic Handgun courses here:

As always,

Learn. Defend. Prevail

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