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Texas Church Shooting, A good guy with a gun

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

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-honestly, what would you do?

-monday morning quarterback it, what could they have done better?


-target background/foreground

-did they scan for multiple threats

-threat identifiers(I noticed he walked with a limp, probably do to the shotgun tucked in his pants leg

-much more to discuss

So the action starts and mostly happens in upper left hand corner. The shooter is sitting the second to last row, close to the left end of the church pew. He stands up, shuffles out to the ends and walks about 5 yards to the rear of the church. He seems to ask something of the gentleman standing there, to which that man raises his hand and points as if to show him to whatever he asked about. As he does that, that is the moment the shooter steps back and draws what appears to be a short pump action firearm.

The gentleman is spoke with quickly realizes this isn't a good day. A man about 10ft to his right notices what is going on, stands up, with only his right hand attempts to draw his gun, as he slowly raises it up, the shooter fires his first shell, quickly pumps, fires the guy his spoke with (both men are hit). As the first man is hit, a third church attendee successfully draws his firearm and it appears accurately fires one round into the head of the shooter, dropping him immediately.

Now let's talk about that. It appears he was about 25ft away, the shooter was walking away at that time (about to shoot again). He shot accurately and did so under immense stress, ear drums probably blown because of the percussion of the two shotgun blasts. Absolutely great shot and composure. That is not easy considering the totality of the situation. And it was incredibly critical too, as more innocent more may have fell victim without his actions.

At least four other armed congregation members quickly come to his aide. While we can't see the shooter at the point, it is apparent his has been taken out of the fight. He is quickly surrounded, we see the good guy shooter take the threat's firearm away and set it on the ground behind him.

It was a solid 3 seconds for the shooter's draw until his first shot. With training, it isn't extremely difficult to draw a fire in 2 seconds. A second makes a difference. But that difference takes training, time and practice. And continued practice. A class and practice three years ago dont help all that much now.

Things to add:

-check for other threats

-give medical attention to the innocents that it

-once area is generally clear, start directly congregates out of the that area (match showing you aren't moving them to a new threat) -prepare for law enforcement to show up, those that can- holster up

The hero is identified as 71 year old Jack Wilson of Granbury, Texas. Jack Wilson was a reserve deputy for Hood County, Texas from 1980-1986 and a firearms instructor. He leads the Safety & Security Ministry of West Freeway Church of Christ and reports that he used his Sig P229 chambered in .357Sig.

I carry at church, do you? Yes, it's legal in Maryland and Virginia, if your church is located in a public school- you are either a disarmed target or a good guy with a gun that is risking a felony. Thank your politicians.

Read my post from November on my current experience with our Safety & Security Ministry.

What are your thoughts though? Comment them here on the blog as Facebook and Instagram censor these kinds of constructive conversations.

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