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Thank you to our First Responders

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

One of the many great aspects about running this business is being able to give back to those that support our cause AND do some much in our community.

Thank you to our First Responders

A large portion of those people are apart of the Emergency Services community- both Fire and EMS. Fire houses and rescue squads across Maryland have supported us in our mission of making Maryland a safer place to live and work, as that is their mission as well. Many of these members also spend their hard earned paychecks to obtain this training on their own. None of which goes unseen and is absolutely appreciated.

Today we were able to present a check to Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad to show our appreciation for the organization- and we gave our nice PTP Tumblers to the individual members also to keep their coffee warm on duty and their drinks cold during their much deserved down times.

There to receive the donation is LVRS President Melissa Persiani. Thank you all!

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