UPDATED: Applying for your MD HQL

On Friday July 24, 2020 the Maryland State Police made a slight change to the application process. This new updated article details exactly how to apply for the HQL and accounts for those changes. Sorry for any confusion for those that were confused by our old "Applying for your HQL" article, we were not notified about the new change to their application.

The HQL is required in order to purchase a handgun in Maryland. Applying for your Maryland HQL (Handgun Qualification License, needed to buy a handgun) can be confusing. With this article, I am going to break down the application process step by step. If you haven't already acquired the required training, you can click here to register. If you need the required livescan fingerprints (yes, you will need a new set), you can click here to register.

To apply for your HQL, you must start by going to the Maryland Department of State Police Online Services Login Page. If you don't have an account yet- create one and then login in.

You will come to this initial page ( see below)

Go to the top right hand corner and click " Initial Application"

Then you will have to click the appropriate boxes

If you have taken a PTPGun.com HQL training course, you page should match ours below. Program: Firearm Services, License Type: HQL Standard, Application Method: Application- Then hit Start Application.

Then it will come up to this page (see below). Scroll down.

Click HERE (See below)

Fill out this page. Read it thoroughly. No, do not put my information (seen below) in your form. Yes, there will still be someone that does.

On your fingerprint receipt you received upon completion there was a TCN or PCN number- put that in the PCN/TCN box towards the bottom of the page. DO NOT put your tracking number (just abocve it. DO NOT put your SSN. DO NOT put my phone number. Put your PCN/TCN number in the PCN/TCN number box. Also make sure you use the correct fingerprint (sometimes people get two fingerprints, one for HQL and one for Carry but use the Carry one to apply for HQL). These things have to be done this specific way or they will not work- ask me how I know.

When you get to the "Associate QHIL/QHIC" page, you will click add.

For Relationship Type: Choose Instructor Prereq

For Profession: Choose Firearms Services

For license type: Choose Qualified Handgun Instructor Certificate

For license number: put the one given to you in class. If you give us a Google Review, we send you a digital HQL certificate that also features it at the bottom left hand corner.

Click on your instructors name when it pops up.

Then hit complete (see below)

On the following page, you will have a bunch of questions to answer. Read them thoroughly and answer truthfully.

When done with this part, hit "Submit"

On the following page (see below) you can skip by hitting next. You WILL NOT NEED to upload any training documentation. You WILL NOT NEED to upload a passport style photo. You WILL NOT need to upload ANYTHING. Just hit next.

The following page (see below) is just a summary of all the information you provided in your application. Review and hit "Pay Fees". Yes, you are a Maryland resident, they are the same ones that charged your a tax if it rained- of course they are going to make you pay a fine to exercise a right. Freedom isn't free is the land of tyranny.

Put all your billing and credit/debit card info in and hit Submit Payment. Then, Wait. And wait. And wait some more. Currently (July 27 2020) applicants are waiting approximately 4-5 weeks before they receive their HQL in the mail.

It isn't uncommon for you to receive an email or phone call from the state police stating "Everything is good on our end, just waiting for you instructor to verify your training." This is standard and an automated email. No need for concern or to let us know.

When you apply, it will show up on our end requesting our approval. We check that 3 times a day, 6 days a week. As soon as we see it, it will be taken care of.

Also, the Maryland State Police are going thru some growing pains/change of leadership/new personnel so you may be told "You were fingerprinted for Wear and Carry but are applying for HQL. You must get refingerprinted for the HQL using the agency authorization number listed below...". If that happens, take these steps in this order:

  1. Double check to make sure you did indeed give them the correct fingerprint information

  2. Let us know (if you did the fingerprints with us) and we will double check to ensure everything was inputted correctly (99% of the time it is correct)

  3. Call HQL Licensing at 410-653-4577 to let them know that everything is in the CJIS system correctly and your application needs further review.

When you receive your HQL, post a picture on IG and tag @ryanrgass and @ptpgun for a chance to be featured in our next post or to win in our weekly drawings.


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