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VIDEO: How to Break In a New Handgun

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In this video we take you through the steps we use to break in a brand new handgun.

The most important thing to focus on is lubrication; we want to permit high-rub areas to condition without taking damage, and lubricating these friction points will allow the gun the perfect amount of scrub.

We want to see at least 100 rounds put through the firearm with several iterations of cleaning and lubrication in between.

We also want to see multiple mag changes; the more the better. This forces you to work the mag release which wears it in for future reloads.

This will help condition the barrel for easier cleanup in the future, and this will also help rub off any leftover burrs on the feed ramp.

Running the gun through a hundred or so rounds also helps to break in the recoil spring. This will make it easier to rack during your use.

Another thing you will notice is a cleaner trigger. Triggers will get softer and lose some of their stickiness with use which will lead to easier breaks and better accuracy.

Spend the time at the range, and at home with your cleared firearm, working the slide stop instead of "slingshotting" the slide. This will help wear in any sticky areas for better firearms manipulation down the road.

Last, but not least, leave the firearm in the slide-locked position for a week to help compress and condition the recoil spring for easier operation and opening of the action in the future.

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