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VIDEO: How to Sight in an Optic on a Firearm

Updated: Jun 22

VIDEO: How to Sight in an Optic on a Firearm

In this video I take you step by step on how I sight in a new optic, be it an RDS (red dot sight) or mechanical sights, on an AR-15

This video focuses on the Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo 5, but these methods should translate for most use cases on most optics.

It really helps to have a spotting scope when you are targeting anything at a distance. In our case, we are sighting in at 25 yards so the spotting scope helps a ton! We are using the Vortex Diamondback, but you really don't need anything that fancy.

It is pretty important to make sure you are on a flat piece of terrain for your range. This seems common sense, but you really want everything as straight and level as you can get it.

I always like to start out at 25 yards and work everything off of a bench or table.

Use big targets. You never know how far out your sights are and you don't want to waste time chasing shots. Get a target big enough that you can miss big and still see the impact.

I also recommend using decent ammo. You don't want to cheap out here as the ammo can and will make a difference on your shot.

First thing after getting the range set up is to do a functions check on all your gear. Once you start shooting, you don't want to waste time stopping to fix your gear.

Finally, it's time to shoot!

We recommend doing everything in groups of three. Aim at a fixed location on your target and fire a series of three consistent shots. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO AIM AT THE SAME EXACT LOCATION FOR EVERY SHOT THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE PROCESS!. Once you can get all three of your shots in a 2" X 2" grid, you are ready to start adjusting the optic. This is where I like to change out the target and start with a clean shingle, or choose a different area on the same target that is clean.

I always start by adjusting the windage (left or right). There is no reason for this, it is just how I was trained in the Army. Some optic instruction manuals will inform you how many 'clicks' will move you X inches on the target. If this applies to your situation, then follow the user's guide to walk the sight over. Take 3 shots and adjust as necessary until you are on the center line of the target area.

Next is the elevation (up and down). I do this last, again, because that is how I was taught. Repeat the same process you did for the windage until you are in the dead center of your target and your shot matches up with your sight picture.

Done! Your optic is now zeroed to your firearm and you are ready to learn your sights out to your effective range.

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