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VIDEO: Man shoots two Frederick Officers, Given state funded vacation

Updated: Mar 28

This video just goes to show how quick things can change and you MUST react. This case also goes to show you how much the justice system doesn't value the good people in society and will give a free pass to the scum amongst us. This piece of society garbage, Dominique Lamarr Lewis, 27, of Hampton, Virginia was found not criminally responsible, for shooting and wounding two Frederick Police Department officers in February 2022.

After the attack, in a phone call in which he spoke with his grandfather from the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, Lewis said he didn’t care about the officers. Smith read the transcript in court while going over the statement of facts.

“If it was two men, I would’ve taken them out,” Lewis said in the transcript. He also mentioned how he would “try to kill one [cop] every day.”

He will remain at a mental health facility enjoying life only until some bleeding heart of Maryland's weak justice system decides he is no longer a threat.

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