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VIDEO: Matt Stait - Modern Samurai

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

VIDEO: Matt Stait - Modern Samurai

Today we are joined by Matt Stait of Modern Samurai.

Matt is an authority in the world of personal and private security and self-defense.

He is notably one of the leading authors in this industry and has published books such as "Modern Samurai: A Revealing Look Into the World of the Private Security Industry" and "My Journey Up the Mountain: The Road to Black Belt".

Matt regularly writes for several well known magazines and is the owner and chief instructor at Modern Samurai Martial Arts Academy.

To find out more about Matt's pedigree, just hit that search button on Google, the man is out there.

A couple of Matt's Fundamentals:

1. Be honest with your capability

2. Train to an outcome

To find out more about Matt, please visit his website here:

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