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What do you do? Post Incident Planning

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Many prepare to defend themselves. Obtaining quality firearms training, purchasing the right firearm for them, training continuously- but what do you do when the smoke settles? Innocent people go to jail all the time for doing the right thing when it matters most. How do you prevent being one of them? Competent legal representation.

But that comes with a cost, a cost that often prevents one from getting the legal defense they deserve- often times resulting in piss poor plea bargains and loss of your rights. Don't be victimized twice.

Have U.S. LawShield on your side

Be sure to hit that thumbs up button as well as Subscribe to our channel and like this video to see more great instructional videos from our team. Also hit the notifications bell so you get alerts every week when we post new videos. . . . . . . If you don't have self-defense insurance you should! We HIGHLY recommend US Law Shield

Get smarter, and qualified, to carry a weapon in the State of Maryland, DC, VA and many more States by taking our Multi State Training here:

As always, Train. Defend. PREVAIL! Contact Us Ryan Gass Founder Practical Training Professionals Website:

Text or Call Phone: 240-925-5788

By Appointment Only Location:

14901 Westwood Rd,

Brandywine, MD 20613, United States

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