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Women's Only Handgun Class

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Hello today's blog highlights our Women's Only Handgun class! Our trainers and staff here at  PTP  want to  provide you with the best training possible. We know that sometimes being in a class with a bunch of know it all men is not what your looking for, that is why we offer our Women's Only class. This class is for ladies only, mature female teenagers permitted. During this 7 hour course, you will learn about the firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, basic parts of a handgun, how to take one apart & clean it, and the fundamentals of shooting. We will also go over firearms laws of the state in which the course is being conducted.
We will have lunch and drinks provided so that when you come you can concentrate, not having to worry about any outside factors for the day.
This will be a great opportunity for ladies to come together to learn how to protect themselves or their families in a comfortable, pressure-free environment from experienced instructors that are understanding and not overbearing. When held in MD, this class come with the training certificate for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) which is needed in order to purchase a Handgun in Maryland.
This courses includes the PTP exclusive Handgun Buffet, where students can try a variety of handguns ranging in caliber, size, manufacturer, action type and more. This will help them to not only improve their marksmanship skills but also to make a more experienced decision when purchasing their next handgun.
At times you may walk into an establishment where the guy behind the counter may take you for being ignorant or may take advantage of what you may not know. With the knowledge and experience gained from our training lead by Lead Instructor Ryan Gass, you will be able to make an educated, experienced decision about what is best for you- not their sales commission.

But don't take my word for it, see what other women have to say about these courses with us. Below links are news stories done on our renowned training Register today at

Women's Only Handgun Class

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