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WTF is an Assault, Pistols, Long Guns, and Copycat Weapons

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In this video we dig in to the definitions of Assault Weapons to include: Assault Pistols, Assault Long Guns, and Copycat Weapons.

Assault Long Gun

“Assault long gun” means any assault weapon listed under § 5–101(r)(2) of the Public Safety Article. That seems pretty vague still, but essentially the State of Maryland has a list of firearms that are explicitly banned in the State. Any firearm that is any of those specific assault weapons or their copies, regardless of which company produced and manufactured that assault weapon, is considered an Assault Long Gun and is banned.

Some of the items on the list are:

  • AK47 in all forms

  • Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H-BAR rifle (we go into the definition of H-BAR quite a bit!!)

  • Mossberg model 500 Bullpup assault shotgun

There are a bunch!

I also want to point you toward the Maryland State Police Firearms Search which is like the Handgun Roster but for Rifles.

You can find that here:

You can read the Statute for yourself here:

5-101_definition of assault rifle
Download PDF • 269KB

Assault Pistols

Like Assault Rifles, an “Assault pistol” means any of the firearms listed in Criminal Law §4–301 or a copy regardless of the producer or manufacturer.

Some examples are:

  • UZI semiautomatic pistol

  • Encom MK–IV, MP–9, or MP–45 semiautomatic pistol

You can find the total list here:

4-301_definition of assault pistol and copycat weapon
Download PDF • 247KB

Copycat Weapon:

According to the State of Maryland, copycat weapons are considered Assault Weapons.

A “Copycat weapon” means a semiautomatic centerfire rifle that can accept a detachable magazine and has any two of the following: a folding stock, a grenade launcher or flare launcher; or a flash suppressor.

A Copycat weapon also includes: a semiautomatic centerfire rifle that has a fixed magazine

with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, a semiautomatic centerfire rifle that has an overall length of less than 29 inches, a semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that can

accept more than 10 rounds a semiautomatic shotgun that has a folding stock, or a shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

A Copycat weapon” does not include an assault long gun or an

assault pistol.

The Statute for Copycat Weapons is the same as the one for Assault Pistols and is attached above.

More information on what a Copycat Weapon is can be found in this bulletin from the MSP:

FIREARMS BULLETIN number 10-2, further definition of copycat
Download PDF • 456KB

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