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You Don't Pick the Day -Continued

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In my previous post, I talked about awareness and being prepared to avoid an altercation rather than responding to an altercation. When you are are moving on your feet around the planet, maintain a minimum three foot perimeter of personal space to increase your response options to a possible threat. But what if you are traveling on top of wheels (a vehicle). You are basically pinned inside by doors and usually strapped in by a seat belt. You always want a quick exit option if there is a threat! The quickest option is usually to move the vehicle rather than exit the vehicle! This is also a problem from a conceal carry perspective. Defending yourself from inside a vehicle is very difficult!

You Don't Pick the Day -Continued

Parking your vehicle always facing out of a parking spot allows for the quickest exit if needed. But, how about stopping behind a line of traffic and/or at a stop light? What provides the best opportunity to quickly exit if needed? Well........the general rule is to make sure you can see the rear wheels of the vehicle in front of you. At this distance, you should be able to go around and quickly exit! You always want the option of the quickest exit from any threat! Self-defense is based on avoiding an altercation rather than responding. Distance equals time. Time equals Life!

Have you made the following habits a part of your daily travel?

- Always park your vehicle facing out of a parking spot.

- Always being able to see the tires of the vehicle in front of you when you come to a stop?

Both provide a quick exit as a part of your self-defense plan!

More to think about...................

- Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Martial art, Self-defense, Self-survival instructor.

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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