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You Don't Pick the Day. The Day Picks YOU!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Do you know what the minimum safe distance should be between you and any possible threat? The martial art answer is three feet. Why three feet? Because most people don’t have arms longer than three feet which means that they can’t touch you! Sounds simple enough but how do you keep a three foot perimeter of space? It begins with awareness!

I have trained in the martial arts for forty years and taught many students from various walks of life. Some have been victims of crime and have shared their stories with me. The most interesting aspect to every story is that it never happened as they thought it would! Everybody has their own idea of how they will be involved in a possible life or death encounter. The problem is……reality is completely different! The first difference is that you don’t pick the day, time, or scenario. It picks you! But, you can avoid possible encounters if you make yourself a difficult (hard) target. This begins with situational awareness.

The more aware you are, the more distance you can achieve. Awareness is a vital component to survival because awareness increases your response time! Distance equals time and time equals life! Distance is a serious consideration if your survival plan includes a firearm because you will usually need time to deploy it or it is of little use.

You Don't Pick the Day. The Day Picks YOU!

I took this picture while waiting at a restaurant drive through. The first and fourth vehicles from the left are MD State Police. If you really want to understand awareness, pay attention to how police officers interact with the public. One of the obvious habits, but least noticed, is how they park their vehicles. They always back into or pull through an available parking spot. Why? One reason that they always park facing out is to allow them the ability to quickly exit if needed. Have you noticed this habit? Is this how you park? Do you have an exit plan? Something to think about………

-Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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