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You will ALWAYS fall.........

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In the martial art, we have a saying "You will NEVER rise to your level of expectation. You will ALWAYS fall to your level of training!" Most of my students don't fully understand this thinking until they take a formal exam to advance in rank. During class, they are in a comfort zone and perform complicated movements with little trouble. Then.........during an exam, they struggle and sometimes fail to execute. Why? The atmosphere of an exam is outside the comfort zone! This causes an increase in heart rate and adrenaline which causes a lack of fine motor skills. Keep in mind, this amount of stress is nothing compared to a "life or death" encounter!

You will ALWAYS fall.........

Repetition training teaches the subconscious mind. Under stress, the subconscious mind is what performs. It is NOT the conscious mind. The subconscious mind will tell the body what to do but...... under stress and an adrenaline dump, the body does not function as you would expect. For instance, you can not perform different tasks with each hand. As an example, if you attempt to open a door with one hand by grabbing the door handle, your other hand will mirror the movement. Basically, the two sides of the body function as one! The eyes are another example. Both eyes are either open or closed. You will not be able to close just one eye. Have you ever considered this while training? This knowledge is vital to proper training for self-defense and self-survival!

More to think about............

I explain and demonstrate this type of information, and how to employ it, in surviving a "life or death" encounter during my seminars.

- Grandmaster Glenn Miller

Martial art, Self-defense, Self-survival instructor.

Facebook and IG: selfsurvivalseminar

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