With our Handgun training, participants who successfully complete the full training willl receive their Basic Handgun Course certificate for free. Students will also have the options to get other much needed things including concealed carry training certifications, passport style photos (needed in application processes), livescan fingerprints (also needed in applications processes for both MD HQL, MD Carry), DC and/or MD Day 2 Concealed Carry, and much more!

Concealed Carry training certificates (Residency of these states not required) $50 each:
Virginia Concealed Carry
Florida Concealed Carry
Arizona Concealed Carry

Utah Concealed is $75

ALL 4 Certifications for $150 ($75 in savings)

ALL 4 are FREE for our PTP Club ANNUAL Members

D.C. / Maryland Concealed Carry Day 2 (See date options at the following link. If adding to your order here, make a note in your order of which date/location you are registering for. https://www.ptpgun.com/product-page/d-c-maryland-concealed-carry-day-2 )
D.C. $200
Maryland $200

Passport Style Photos $20 for 6

(1) Ink Fingerprint Card $20 each
(1) Live-Scan Fingerprint (needed for MD HQL or MD Wear & Carry, 2 needed if doing both) $80 each

Remember: If you are a PTP Member, you get live-scan fingerprints & passport style photos for free and 40% off any training. For more information https://www.ptpgun.com/plans-pricing

Training ADD ONs, DC/MD

Add-On Options

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