On the drop down tab you will find a list of our available classes and dates. Below you will find a description of the classes. Due to course requirements, we will not be able to hold the Maryland Wear & Carry training in Baltimore. But, with having taken our Maryland HQL training, you will only need Day 2 outside of Baltimore with us to obtain that training certification- needed to apply for your Maryland Permit to Carry a Handgun. https://www.ptpgun.com/product-page/d-c-maryland-concealed-carry-day-2Course



Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL, Needed in order to purchase a Handgun) - 8am-2pm Students will attend approximately 6 hours of classroom/range time. Classroom time will consist of learning firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, parts of a handgun, fundamentals of shooting, and Maryland firearm laws. The shooting portion will be conducted right after the classroom portion where students will load, discharge, and unload one live round. This is the required training needed in order to apply for your Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which is required to purchase a handgun in Maryland. The required MD Livescan fingerprints will be available at all classes. $100


Women Only Handgun Course- This class is for ladies only, mature female teenagers permitted. During this 6 hour course, you will learn about the firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, basic parts of a handgun, how to take one apart & clean it, and the fundamentals of shooting. We will also go over firearms laws of the state in which the course is being conducted. We will have lunch and drinks provided. This will be a great opportunity for ladies to come together to learn how to protect themselves or their families in a comfortable, pressure-free environment from experienced instructors that are understanding and not overbearing. When held in MD, this class come with the training certificate for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) which is needed in order to purchase a Handgun in Maryland. $100


Utah Concealed Firearm- this concealed carry course is approx. 6 hours long, during which students will learn the firearm safety rules, types of handguns, parts of a handgun and the principles of marksmanship. You will also learn about the laws pertaining to the carry of firearms, methods of carrying, drawing your firearm, loads/reloads/malfunctions, and what to do after a self-defense scenario.Upon completion of this course, students will leave with a completed Utah Concealed Firearm Permit application needed to submit. You may be 17 to do the training but you must be 18 when you submit your application. $50


Basic AR-15 Rifle: 11am-3pm Available to men & women. Our AR-15 Basic Rifle course is an 3-hour course in which students will learn the safety rules, parts/nomenclature of an AR-15, history of the AR-15, how to disassemble/assemble/clean an AR-15, fundamentals of rifle shooting, sighting in an AR-15. The class fees cover everything needed for training but students may bring their own AR-15 (AR-15s will be available for use at no extra charge). If you bring your own AR-15, be sure to also bring your own magazines.No shooting involved unless specifically noted. This event has an extremely limited class size, so don't delay in registering. $80



Baltimore Firearms Training

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  • Often times our classes are hosted at private facilities. PTP only releases exact location details to registered students the Monday prior to any PTP event in a private informational email. We do this for reasons of security, crowd control and proper planning of each event.

  • PTP does not issue refunds but you may reschedule for free at anytime by emailing us at scheduling@ptpgun.com

    If you are a no call- no show, you surrender your class fee (Unless a PTP Club Member). 

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