Basic Carbine/Rifle Class

Join us with guest instructor Jason McCoy for Carbine Level 1 training. This course provides the foundational elements necessary to safely and efficiently utilize a semi-automatic carbine or rifle. Basic Carbine is a low round count course designed to provide the foundational elements of safely and efficiently utilizing a semi-automatic carbine or rifle. Topics covered include but are not limited to nomenclature, end user maintenance, set-up, ballistics, ammo selection, marksmanship fundamentals, ready positions, reloads and malfunctions.  Approximately half of this course will be conducted in a classroom setting with other half being conducted on the range.


This class is on April 16th in Lusby, MD. Cost of the class is $200. Training is 8 hours, including a lunch break. 


Pre-Requisites for this class:

-Reliable semi-automatic rifle/carbine (Instruction is fairly centric to the AR-15 style rifle but other styles such as AK pattern rifles are welcome) 

-Three quality magazines (yes you can bring magazines larger than 10 rounds. Yes that is legal)

-A means to carry at least 1 spare magazine

-150 rounds of quality ammunition


To use our rifles/ammo/magazines is an additional $150 (the struggle is real for us too)

Basic Carbine/Rifle Class

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